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Great Wooden Play Pen Ideas in UAE is available with US. We are the first compny in uae to manufacture Great Wooden play pen in uae. Check out our latest collection for a variety of options to choose from. In this article , we will give you the Useful Tips in Buying Play Pen in UAE. You will know what to avoid and what to choose.

Did you know that having a play pen when you have a puppy at home is as useful as having a trainer? Its your first time parenting a Puppy, So what? It doesnt mean because its fisrt time you wont do good , will yeah? Yes you would, with the help of Wooden Play Pen it will be easier to train your Puppy.

Potty training them is so easy with Play Pen. Teaching them the gestures of communication is as fast as a snap on your finger. All these can happen if they are tuck in one place, and for puppy they pay attention closely to anyone standing nearby. Spo whatever tps of training a puppy you may read in the internet its easier to aplly at home. With of course the help of Play Pen.

Here are the useful tips in buying Play Pen in UAE .

Now lets talk about useful tips in buying a Play Pen in UAE.

  1. Do not buy a Steel Play Pen? Why? Because steal is coated with paint that you have no idea may contain a harmful chemicals.
  2. Do not buy an oversized play pen, 5 sq meter long with the height of 60-70cm would enough. Why? You are training a puppy here not a dog? So as a puppy they are short in terms of height. So they can easily see you when you start your training lesson.
  3. Do Not Over Stuff your Play Pen with those cushion and balls , it can only distract them during training period.
  4. We recommend you buy or make a Wooden Play Pen. The Advantage? Wood is not harmful object for your puppy, so during teething period even if they bite the Wood it they will be just fine.
  5. Allow a minum to maximum time of their stay inside the play pen, So when you decide to put them in A Dog Crate or A Dog House they know They will be accustomed with time and instructions.

There you go. We hope we were able to help you with the above above Useful tips in buying Play Pen in UAE. You May also want to check out our Wooden Play Pen here do check this website on how to train your puppy at home.

Now that you are all set. We wish you the best of luck in training your Puppy at home using a wooden Play Pen. If you have more questions, Please email us @ . One of our representative would be glad to help you through. Or you may also contact us directly in wattsap @ +971 54 447 2960. Please follow us on Instagram

Remember the best parent are the one that hands own with their kids. So pay close attention with your puppy at home. Only then you will be able to understand their nature and behaviour. Puppy training is a fun thing to do, and it shouldnt be a difficult task for you.

However if you find it hard to live up with it, consult to your nerest and Trusted Veterinary clinic. We recommend Amity Vetirinary Clinic they have the most friendly Doctors and trainers than can guide you through.

PS: Do not over do it, you dont want your puppy to grow up grumpy and irate. Understand When to start and when to stop. This will make your life easier as a parent.