The Cool Pool House




Wooden Dog House demand in the market has increased specially during the summer season in Abu Dhabi. This particular emirates in the UAE has a high volume of heat during summer. If you are living in abu dhabi and own one of those lovely dog, then you might as well get a Wooden Dog House to protect them.

There are variety of selection in the market when it come to Dog House. However Wooden Dog House stands out to these demands. Wood is obviously an eco friendly product which is not harmful for your dogs. Having a Dog House at home is very comforting and rewarding, Not only they serve as a safe haven for your dogs, their usage is outstanding. Wooden Dog House is very easy to maintain and clean. Several types of Wood can be built for Dog House. Marante Wood, Oak Wood, Mahoigany, White Wood and even the Medium and Hig density Fiber is something we can consider too.


Wooden Dog House are introduced in the UAE Market as early as 2010. Before time our locals are hesistant of owning some of these Dogs. As a respect to their culture Dogs are really not allowed at their home. Now adays with the mixing culture of Westerners and Asian, these belief turns out to be more positive as our locals are slowly adopting and find great ways in keeping a dog withouth distubing the elderly at home. Lets face it Dogs when irrate barks a lot that can be very annoying at times. Thats why keeping them on a separate Wooden Dog House is a great idea to dealt with.

Well, not all people will agree with me when i say , you should have a Dog House if you have a Dog. Depending on your experties in handling Dog behaviour, they can stay with you at home as well. Although there are factors to consider specially to our Locals in the UAE. A few is already mentioned on my first paragraph.

If you need more claritry about the usage of Wooden dog Houses, read more about my Blogs about and consider this as an additional helpful information for you. We are nothere only to sell Dog Houses, We value each and every client we have. Your needs come first and we only want the best for you.

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Tips for Cleaning the Wooden dog House.

Do it once a week, dont use any fabric or shampoo, just water clean it and dry it off. Its made from the highest quality of wood, so its safe. There is a small drainer for every room in the Dog House too, that will make your life easier in terms of cleaning.

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