Looking for the Best Online Pet Furniture in UAE?

When searching for the best online Pet Furniture in UAE, Google would probably leads you to Countless number of website. The ocean is big the sky is wide and online pet store is just a click away. But the best online pet furniture in uae offers the best service, and we are one of those.

Welcome to21st century where the fresh vegetables down to the smallest needle can be shop online already. Yes dear UAE resident, the internet is taking a tool and putting more advantages for online stores amid covid19.

For a year already and more to come, this is going to be our normal life already. Believe it or not but it changes our daily lives inevitably. Look around you, how many small grocery stores have shut down for good now adays?, a lot maybe. Letch check how Dubai Get Go tagges as one of the best Online Pet Furniture in uae.

Firs of all, Most Online Pet Furnniture in UAE may have different service offered. Deepending on the variety of products and services they offered. In this article we will highlight the products that can be found in only in Dubai Get Go.

Online shopping such as https://www.noon.com is doing great in the industry of e commerce. With its wide range of coverage and not to mention the nth number of community develop under the same company is an advantage to their line of business.

First of all we will tackle some related product most online pet furniture in uae doesnt have. Then we will highlight the advantages of this product for your daily use.

But what about Pets, They too have daily needs, Which Online Pet Furniture in UAE you can go to?

Yes you are right we are not only looking at bigger picture here. Even the species on earth have their needs too. Dogs and Cats are the common pets owned by the locals and The Expats. Who will be there go to? As we move ahead we will enlighten you the advantages of Online Pet Furniture in UAE.

Its not new to us that a lot of E-Commerce website for pet is already using this platform to grow their business. https://www.dubaipetfood.com have the widest of food selection for Dogs and Cats in the UAE. Kudos to them, most of our client in DubaiGetGo really love this online store for pet in UAE.

But the pet requirement doesnt end their my friend, Combining the Pet Owners and the petitself they too need a reliable store for their PetFurniture. Why Pet Furniture? you might be having this question in your head as to why would you be needing an Online Pet Furniture in UAE

The answer is actually depends on your requirement.Some people can live with their dogs and cats at home. Yet some people loves to have Dogs and cats but putting a limited entry inside the house.

Well for some reason that some mebers of the family are allergic to pets, some maybe even scared or not pet friendly at all. These are the types of people who would be needing most the service of an Online Pet Furniture in UAE.

If you are reading this article, then we bet that you are one of them. To bring it altogether in terms of keeping our family close and our pets even closer an Online Pet Furniture in UAE is probably the solution to your requirement.

Lets talk about the basic thing we can get from Online Pet Furniture in UAE.

Online Pet Furniture in uae
The Secret Garden Dog House WQith AC https://www.dubaigetgo.com/product/luxury-dog-house-in-uae/


Why Dog House, wether it is built with ac or without it. This particular product is highly in demand for most locals and some expats in the UAE. Dog House is very useful in keep safing your dogs from possible danger he/she will give to others or worst he/she will get from harmful people.

If you are living in a community where independent and high walls isnt built, then i bet some pof the people in the neighborhood may not be fully accustomed with pets behaviour. When a dog barks, one scared civilian initial reaction is to protect his self.

Depending on their reaction your pet might attack or get attacked. Eitherway your pet safety is your responsibility. A Dog on loose can be very scary at some point. With the Dog House, even if you leave home for longer hours your Dog is tucked in safely in it. So you can have a fine day ahead less worried about it.



Dog Crate is commonly used by the expats in this country. If we talk about protecting your Couch, Limited access to your kitchen and living room, then the Dog Crate plays an important role for that. Not all Online Pet Furniture in UAE isoffering this service.

Dogs love food, they have extremely high sense for smelling when it comes to food. Scenarios at home; like your children is grouping up with friends in the kitchen and preparing their meal. Now some of the kids are Dog allergic and some perhaps scared of them. Then the Dog Crate is the best solution to make your visitor more comfortable moving around your home.

Lets talk about TORN BILLS? anyone has experience this befor?oh yes you heard or read on your friends news feed how she forgot to keep 200 dirhams note on the couch side table.

God Forbid Dogs doesnt know what a 200 dirhams money for. They will be curious looking at it and worst case scenario play wth it. Bite it and some may even try to eat it.

Broken Couches? Oh dear lord this one right here is the most common problem Pet Owners encounter at home. I knew a lot of people who changes their couch cover twice a year and some even disposed already.

These are just few examples of the usage of a Dog Crate. If you have anything on mind feel free to add it on comment. We will udate our article with your credit for it.

Wooden DOG BED?

Sometimes Your Dogs or cats like to have their own personal space. The Dog Bed will become their little sacntuary not just for resting but for a “sometime alone space”.


Dogs with Arthritis, when your dog is suffering from this illness they cant be sleeping on a cold tiled floor. As it will trigger their illness and Dogs may become more disturbed. You dont want that, do you?

Wooden Food Bowl Tray

Some Pet owners are meticulous and like to keep things tidy at home. Wooden Food Bowl Tray is the best solution to your tideness. Just imagine feeding your dogs with the stainless or plastic bowl and later on messing with the contain food and water afterwards.


With Wooden Food Bowl Tray you can keep it tidy at our Wooden Food Bowl Tray is sturdy and immovable. So you can worry free about water and food spilling inside your home.

Wooden Pet Food Cabinet

Wonderful idea isnt it? The Pet Food Cabinet is useful to keep everything in place. SOme of our Pet Food Cabinet are build for multimpurpose usage. You can keep the harness, the Dog Toys and what noton the top shelves. Again not all Online Pet Furniture in UAE is providing this services.

Wooden Pet Food Cabinet is primarily used for storing Dry Food. If you keep a food in its container inside the cabinet you will have idea about your Dog Daily or weekly consumptions. That would make your life easier. By the way. Hills Pet UAE http://www.hillspet.ae have the best quality dry food.

Wooden Dog Ramp/Stairs

These are useful for pet owners who is having a small to medium size dog and even elderly and dogs with arthritis. Dog Ramp or Pet Steps whichever is useful is a brilliant product you must have at home, provided your dog breeds belong to the small-medium size category. We say you cant find dog ram in most Online Pet Furniture in UAE. This product is available with our sister company https://www.dogramp.ae


Wooden Dogs Gate is one of our highly in demand product in the market. Dogs Gate are a sort of stress reliever when you have a dog at home. This Product not only limit your dogs entry from some parts of your house. Also is beautifies your staircase and even on the entrances of your home.


If you are licing on a villa, then you probaly have a story house. A dogs gate can be installed ojn your staircase to prevent your dog in accesing the stair case. This is one way in protecting your Dog in acquiring injury by going up and down.

Some of client who lives in the flat is requiring a Dogs Gate to prevent them from accesing the other corners of the house, We have installed a a dozend of Dog gates on the Asile, Bedroom Door, Kithen area and even on the garage area.


Wooden Play PEn is very important in training your dogs. you can use the play pen on specific area inside your home. For newly First timer Pet Parents, wooden Play pen is very useful to your dogs training.

The Playpen can also be used to barricade some areas of the house, such as the living room and kitchen areas. Since the product is multi purpose you would be saving a lot of money here as you watch your Puppy grown into a full blow Dog.

We have 2 types of Play Pen available for you. While most online Pet Furniture in UAE only have the steel. We do it in both wood and steel or a combination of both.


Cat are not on their best behavior when they are stress. The Cat Enclosure will give them the idea of personal space. Yes your cats needs that too. May not be too often but yes if you have stressed cat then this product of Dubai Get Go is what you needed.

Our Cat enclosure is built with play area, depending on the customability of the product it can have food storage as well. We have provided Cat Enclosure for most of the Cat Boarding an d Vet Clinics in the uae.

So there you have it, we have listed most of the desirable and useful per furnitures you can have at home. Now if you are looking for the high quality and durable Pet Furniture products Dubai Get Go can assure you its products usage longetivity.

With the support and encouragement of our client Dubai Get Go an Online Pet Furniture in UAE was launched in 2019, to serve our customers in multiple ways.

The advantage in shopping for Online Pet Furniture in UAE.

Shopping from the majority of Online PET Furniture in UAE is idealy helpful and very handy using your mobile devices. You can just visit their website and check for the product specifications. Now the Good News is Dubai Get Go is know for its Customized wooden Pet Furniture.

So if you like to customized the sizes and color, we can do it for you. You will still have the same quality and features tho. But at least with customize product you would be able to get your desired prduct fromDubai Get Go one of reliable Online Pet Furniture in UAE.

Dubai Get Go as the leading Online Pet Furniture in uae only wants the best for you. Our customer service representative is very helpful in attending your enquiries. The services that you will experience from us will be extra ordinary. Have Doubt? Try US? You probably cant stop referring us to your friends and families after your first experience with our team.

Dubai Gret Go Production Time Frame:

Depending on the requirement of our client we have set our numbered days of production as per below.

  1. Dog House: 5-7 Working Days, if not available online.
  2. Dog Crate: 3-4 Working Days, if not available online.
  3. Dog Bed: 2-3 Working Days, if not available online.
  4. Food Bowl Tray: 1-2 Woeking Days, if not available online.
  5. Food Storage Cabinet: 2-3 Working Days, if not available online.
  6. Dog Ramp/pet Stairs: 1-2 Working Days, if not available online.
  7. Dogs Gate: 3-4 Working days, Customized.
  8. Play Pen: 2-3 Working Days, if not available online.
  9. Cat enclosure- 4-5 woking Days, if not available online.

Dubaie Get Go The biggest Online Pet Furniture in UAE is not only focusing on Wooden Pet Furnitures. FOr special cases we mixed build our products with Steel, alluminum, Glass, Solar Light, Sandwich Panel and Mesh.

For those who have no idea Dubai Get Go is the Manufacturer for most of the Pet Boarding in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and RAs Al Khaimah Area. Our Product stands on this 3 emirates.

We have built a customixed Pet Boarding For Dogs and Cats. Dogs Agility Area and Shade Area.

If you wish to know more about our product please visit our website https://www.dubaigetgo.com

Dog House: https://www.dubaigetgo.com/product-category/dog-house/ shop on the best Online Pet Furniture in UAE now.

Dog Crate: https://www.dubaigetgo.com/product-category/dog-crates/

Dog Bed: https://www.dubaigetgo.com/product-category/dog-bed/

Food Bowl Tray and Food Storage Cabinet: https://www.dubaigetgo.com/product-category/dog-bed-food-tray/

Dog Steps: https://www.dubaigetgo.com/product-category/dog-steps/

Hidden Dog Bed: https://www.dubaigetgo.com/product-category/hidden-dog-bed/

Play Pen: https://www.dubaigetgo.com/product-category/playpen/

Dogs Gate: https://www.dubaigetgo.com/product-category/dogs-gate/

Our Service Coverage and Delivery Charges:

Dubai Get Go is serving all the 7 emirates in the UAE. De;ivery timing will vary in locations such as Al Ain and Abu Dhabi Area, Ras Al Khaimah , Um Al Quwain Fujairah and Ajman. Delivery will take 1-2 working days for these particular estate in the emirates.

Dubai and Sharjah Delivery can be delivere with in the same day, if the product is available online.

Delivery charges will apply for Abu Dhabi and AL Ain, Ras Al Khaimah , Um Al Quwain Fujairah and Ajman. For Big Products such as Dog House and additional charge of 600 AED is applicable to thislocations. While Dubai and Sharjah is free delivery except for the dog House which will cost you an additional 300 AED.

Now that you have a brief idea what an Online Pet Furniture have in store for you. Start Navigating to our website now. You may also follow us on instagram @Dubaigetgo Facebook @dubaigetgocom hastag us as # Online Pet Furniture in uae.

Lastly we would like to thank you for taking your time in reading this article. We hope we were able to help you and address you curiosity the impotance of Onine Pet Furniture in UAE.

If you have any quesions or suggestions please drop us a mail @ info@dubaigetgo.com. Or you may contact us directly @ +971 54 447 2960. Remember when choosing the best prodcut for yur pets, do it with the expert. We dont aim to be the #1 Online Pet Furniture in UAE. Our main focus here is to serve you the best possible way we could.

After all we too have our flaws, we do not deny that in some part of this business we also receive negative feeback, specially when we just started. but as we grow, we take postively all the constructive criticsm we receive in the past and even today.

We thought that constructive criticsm is very much needed. that way we can enhance our services. moreover we value your truthful comments and suggestions. We wont make it this far if not for you our belloved customers.

Moreover our last piece of advice when shopping for the Best Online Pet Furniture in UAE. Pleaseand always please consider the value andquality of the product before you make any purchases.

Even if we earn more today, pandemic such as covid19 and calamity is unpredictable. Save some money buy buying the best quality product you can use for long term from the best Online Pet Furniture in uae.

Cheers Guys!! these are pretty much about our service offered in Dubai Get Go your leading pet furniture in UAE.

THANK YOU and hope you now have idea abou the best Online Pet Furniture in UAE.

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