Ohhh! Summer in Dubai. Is Your Dog House with AC ready for that? If not then these article is for you.


You probably need a Dog House With AC in Dubai If you are living in the uae, then you probably know how harsh the wethaer around here during summer. Now if you have a dog and residing in uae you maybe want to know more about how to take care of your dog and protect them against the harsh summer heat.

A Dog House with AC is something that is very necessary in the UAE. As a respect to our locals tradition Dog is merely not allowed at home due to some sort of religious beliefs specially for the muslim. However majority of the population in the uae is filled with expats.

When we are talking about expats we say that the westerners has the highest number ofexpat population in uae, who owns a dog. Mixing these 2 in the streets you will notice how expats Dog Walking their puppy in the morning, Playing with them in the park and a numerous photos uploaded with their dogs on Instagram and facebook encourage our locals.

Human as we are, we adore and appreciate other people passion and sometime we apply it on our own. For example; you have a friend who owns a dog and you see how passionate they are with them and you figure out that having one is actually a fun and happy thing to have.

So you end up having a dog for yourself. But since you are new and are not familiar with the tips and toes on how to take care of them, you would run into a lot of website checking on how to best take care of them. Thats okey, we all learn in the process anyway.

During the first 3 months , basically i would say 3 months since this is the normal phase cycle you can actually train a dog. First 3 month is very crucial for your Dogs or shall is puppy to learn all the necessary things he/she should know. Like potty training , Sitting, Jumping, Peeing and a little communication using gestures.

Now the most challenging part her is that, you have a dog at home and some of your family members are allergic to it, and some maybe afraid of it and some maybe have issue with dog barking all the time. Well, these are just few of the Dogs behaviour that is totally unavoidable.

WHAT IS THE SOLUTION TO ALL OF THAT? Have you heard the importance of Dog House with Air Condition. Yes i say Air Condition because you are living in a country that is next to the half of hell during summer, irrespective to the weather UAE is the best country to live with, look around you and find your answers right through.

Going back to why should you be having a Dog house with AC in Dubai? The answer is already mentioned in the first 2 paragraph on my post. Wrapping it all up Dog House with AC in Dubai particularly plays an important role in your life in UAE. On my next paragraph i will tell you the importance of having a Dog House with AC in Dubai.




1. Your Dog will have a safe haven. A place where he can be his self, Rest Well and sleep well.

2. Dog House with AC in Dubai,is will protect yor Dog From the excessive sunlight exposure during summer, which in worst case scenarion may damage their bodies.

3. If you are having a function at home , surely you dont want to have a Dog on lose. That might scare off your visitors, So the Dog House is the best option to keep them tuck.

4. If you have more than one dog and you want them to get along fine with each other (well you dont want them barking on each other and somehow hurting each other right?). You can keep them both in the Dog House and you will be surprise how they tag along overtime.

5. Dog House with Ac in Dubai Specially, isn’t Just about Kennel House and caging in. There is a Beaty in a Dog House that you can actually display in your Garden Area. Well you already know that we at Dubai Get Go is very accustomed in Creating our Designs.

There you go, i think i have run down the best possible answers to why you Should be having a Dog House with AC in Dubai, at Home. If you want to see more options in terms of design pleace click here https://www.dubaigetgo.com/product-category/dog-house/

Dog House Garden


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