Plan Your Customized Dog House With Ac in Dubai and UAE

Customized Dog House With AC

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You probably bump into a lot of website and serche’s for a desired Dog House with Ac Ideas. How was your surfing so far? Satisfied, not satisfied, okey okey, not really what i need. Ohh yes! This is just few of your initial reaction when you dont find what you want.

Inside the Phrase Customized Dog House with AC in Dubai and UAE, what first come into your mind? Ohh this is maybe what i’ve been looking for so long. Maybe they have what i wanted? Want, wanted and wanting, yadah yada yadah………Hellooo before i waste your time and my time here let me tell you this straight and clear…You have to figure out what you NEED, For the love of God stop wanting what you dont need!

Remember how kids can be so wanting over something? Yet they dont even need it, but just because their friends has it, they also want it. Ahh Kids really!!! Now you are a fine grown man and woman! Otherwise you wont be reading this article. Let me give tips of ideas what you really need for your Dog, alright!

So lets say you just found a cute Dog for yourself and Woman you are thrilled with the idea of buying this cute little four feet his/her Dog Stuff. A Dog House for instance suddenly crushed your mind. Then you bought a Dog House from a pet store worth 3,000 AED. Whoahh! fair price for a dog house. Surprisingly the Dog House size was of 100cmx100cmx100 cm. Like Seriously a Box House not a Dog House my friend.

Since you already made your purchase you started tucking your dog in, started taking photo, sharing it on Instagram. For Like 2 Months you are going banana over this stuff already. Little did you know Your Dog Is no longer fitting the size of the Dog House that you bought. What a waste eh! so you plan to sell it off dividing 4 times its original price. Now hang on there! In my next paragraph, i will tell you what best you can do. Before your adrenaline spike up and end up buying a new Customized Dog House With AC in Dubai and UAE let me give you a few tips and ideas.

Rememeber earlier when i said, Figure out what you need? Let me just rephrase that. Figure out what your Dogs Really NEEDed?


  • German Shepherd
  • Pure Breed
  • Fluffy
  • 1 Year and 2 Months
  • Adorabe yet Annoying.
  • Fun yet Aggresive
  • Moody and Sometimes Clingy
  • Foody
  • Sleeping Most of The Day
  • Barking The Entire day
  • Scaring My Friends Away
  • Breaking Most of the house Furnitures

So thats your Dog right there, alright? Now that we have a brief and hillarious information about your dog. Let me help you in assesing your Dog Needs. First of all they need your care. They need you to understand what they need. they need you give them a precious time while they are still around. Sad as it may sound but yes, Dogs dont live that long. So if there is one thing that you can be for your Dog and others, Be Kind. Its free anyway. Be Generous and extravagant? Well thaats purely up to you.

Now Lets Talk About The Essential Customized Dog House With AC For Your German Shepherd.

Your Fluffy Pure Breed German Shephered had just celebrated his 1st Birthday. With in the period of year you realize and was able to analize your Dogs Best and Worst behaviour. When Dogs are in their best behaviour, it means they are comfortable. When Dog is at their worst behavior then they are irritable. Below are the things you need to address this 2 issue.

TIPS for Buying a Fully Customized Dog House With AC in Dubai and UAE.

  1. You Need a Dog House With Cage Area with the size of 2.5 meter in length 1.5 meter in width and 1.8 meter in height. Your main room will be 1m x 1.5 m so minus that from the total size you will have the same size for the Porch area.
  2. You would be need a window or split AC, because obviously its freakin hot here in UAE during Summer. And with the size of the Customize Dog House With Ac unit, you cant place it inside your own house.
  3. Your Customized Dog House With Ac must have an easy access from Main room to Porch Area. You need a Flap Door for this.
  4. Your Customized Dog House with AC Dog House can be build with either of wood or Sandwich Panel materials
  5. The main room will have drainer for easy cleaning, same goes for the Porch Area.
  6. The Customized Dog House with AC can either be Single or Double Sloping but not Flat. This is to make sure that water will easily flow to the ground from top.
  7. Painting For your Customized Dog House With Ac if in case you want, should be light colors and do it minimilastic.

There you go guys, You now have a complete idea of your Customize Dog House With AC. If you want to see more Customized Dog House Design Ideas Visit our website

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