Dubai Get Go was launched in October 2019 to provide innovative solution to the UAE Pet owners. Our Team is composed of talented and hardworking individuals whos aim is to provide the necessary solution for the expats and locals in the UAE who are facing minor issue such us; (Dog House with AC for the hot weather temperature , Play Pen to keep them from destroying your couches , Dog Crates so you don’t have to worry coming home with broken furniture’s, Dog Ramp so they can easily climb up into the couches and enjoy watching TV with you. Dog Bed, so they can be sleep nicely and feel love). These are just few amongst the widest coverage of services we provide. 

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Wondering where you can buy a High Quality Dog House With Ac In UAE? We are a company who only focus on the best and high quality products. When the company started to venture out this market in 2017. Since then it is DGG’s goal to only build Hight Quality Dog House with ac in uae.

We know that Dog community is widely spread in the uae. Dog owners were mostly high profile personality, celebrity and heirarchy. To match our clients needs and expectation we only want to build the High Quality Dog House With AC In UAE.

We always encourage our client to settle for top quality products. It will save them a lot of time and money. As far as our client would tell, Our Dog Houses are a good investment. This is something we are always proud of.

The company is built with pure hardwork by 2 Business Paertners. Their Goal is to rich with the Community of Dogs in the entire uae and GCC. Their passion for work and design has grown a lot after 4 years.

The People Behind The Succes of High Quality Dog House in UAE.

Before it all let me tell our story, My Name is Jannie and I am one of the Founder for High Quality Dog House with Ac in UAE. My career background was entirely different years ago.Until one day i met a very encouraging and supporting partner who pushes me to pursue my passion for Dogs and Interior Designing. Amit is the biggest help for my accomplishment at large now adays.

Combining those years of experience and my love for Dogs and design creativity, Dubai Get Go is now serving the entire country. As we marked 4 years of great experienced in this field of industry. We would want to enhance and invest more on our product range. Right now ouw main focus is to build High Quality Dog House with AC in UAE.

Our Aim for High Quality Dog House With AC in UAE


Our Mission Vision is to Cover all the 7emirates in the UAE and in GCC, by providing them the High Quality Dog House with Ac in UAE. Over the years of hardwork we have achieved a lot already. Client retention is very important to us.

We personalize the dealings with our client. We believe that the more you build relationship with your client, the more they will come back to you for the same job and better good mouth of word you to their friends and families. We look forward to be more creative and innovate more ideas in order to serve you better.

Mail us

As we move along this Path, we would like to encourage everyone to drop your personal experience with us @ info@dubaigetgo.com . To our client who now becaome our friends, we than you for the support you gave us. High Quality Dog House With AC in UAE can never be achieved without your trust in our conpany.


Please Check our product page for a variety of High Quality Dog House With AC in UAE.