Affordable Dog House In Dubai

Are you looking for Affordable Dog House in Dubai?

FACTS about Affordable dog House in Dubai

Dog Houses price are ranging between- 1,000 AED- 200,000 AED. The most affordable Dog House in Dubai are thus that is being used inside the House, or Normal dog Houses with the absence of Air Condition unit. These product are available everywhere, however the product quality and materials does not at all save any money here.

We understand the value of spending money nowadays, Amid covid19. However when choosing a product, look for the affordable price yet durable for usage. Its like hitting 2 birds in one stone.

Dubai Get Go is specialized in this category. Our Product are ranging from basic- Luxurious Dog House with AC. Now if we talk about affordable Dog House in Dubai, mainly our focus is the price isnt it. Which is why to address your concern we intoduced Luna’s House.


Shekinah’s House Is made of canadian white wood. The house is 1.8 meter long and 1meter width x 1.2 height. This dog House is mainly for the small-medium size dog.

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